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Testimonials: A few kind words from my friends

* This spring I needed author photos to use all over the internet. They had to be professional, attractive, and hopefully somewhat mysterious since I write cozy mysteries. Jessie’s portraits gave me everything on my list; every pose was fantastic! The photo shoot was such a relaxed, comfortable time that it really sped by. Jessie was just plain fun to work with. And when she sent the pictures, I couldn’t believe how beautiful all of the shots were. They hit the mood I was going for and transformed my online image instantly.

I highly recommend Jessie Kirk Photography.

Traci Tyne Hilton,

* Jessie doesn’t just snap pictures: she documents the best in life by creating scenes and thus, works of art. On the pragmatic side of things, Jessie has a wonderfully personable sensibility coupled with an ability to perceive what could be an interesting shot. She immediately put me at ease and I was completely confident in her “eye” for a great photo. It didn’t hurt that she also made sure that I looked great! I would highly recommend Jessie for any of your photography needs. Relax in knowing that she will take great photos and turn them into art. I am so sure of Jessie’s abilities, my fiancé and I are flying her down to our wedding in Cabo San Lucas in October!

Karly Bannister

* Jessie has a remarkable ability to turn ordinary moments into vibrant keepsakes that I will treasure for years to come. Several of her pictures adorn my walls — not to mention my digital spaces such as my Facebook, my blog and my computer's desktop! The combination of her expertise behind the camera with her in-depth knowledge of Photoshop makes for truly amazing images. I've often found myself recommending her to anyone who even mentions the word “photography”!

Shasta Kearns Moore,

* Jessie did a fantastic job with our engagement photos! She made my shy husband feel very comfortable and made both of us look our best. She even laid down on dirty pavement to get a fantastic shot! The best part was when Jessie delivered our photos which included some amazing candid shots that we didn't know she was taking. Her photos really captured our love and friendship. I have and will continue to recommend her to family and friends.

Stephanie Stutzman

* When thinking about maternity photos, I was a little nervous being that I didn't want any belly out, or overly staged pics.  I wanted natural, fun and comfortable, and with Jessie you get nothing but the best.  She not only takes suggestion, but gives the best too.  She won't make you do anything you're not comfortable with and she makes the experience fun for all involved.  Since then, Jessie has gone above and beyond and even done pics of my little love’s birthday.  Once you know her, she’s like family, and you'll want her at all your events — camera or not.

Shanen Sheeley

* Not only is Jessie an instant friend to everyone she meets, she leaves lasting impressions through her outstanding photographs. From weddings, to portraits and beach trips to children's birthday parties, I wish I could relive all of my memories through a Jessie photo — happy, bright and captured just at the right moment.
From her work as a newspaper editor and journalist to her very busy photography schedule, Jessie's passion for creativity never seems to end. Thank goodness. I wish she could just follow me around on my next vacation. Jessie, where should we go?

Nicole DeCosta,