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My kid is totally rad (Portland styled child photographer)

My daughter is a great muse. She's sassy, energetic, sweet, funny and very dramatic.

Whenever I pull out my camera, she snaps her little body into a fresh set of angular poses. I have no idea where she got these funky moves, but they are pretty fabulous. 

One day at home, she pulled on my old-school, over-the-ear headphones and started bopping around like crazy. They weren't even plugged in, but the two of us were giggling and dancing around in a moment of sheer joy. Days later, I found myself smiling every time I saw that image of her in my head. That day inspired me to create a photo shoot that represented who she is at this moment — so full of movement, laughter and joy. I wanted to incorporate bright colors to match her personality, and it struck me that what we needed was neon.

We found the perfect ’80s-inspired outfit during our first grown-up shopping trip together. Later, I bought a boom box at a garage sale for $1 and borrowed the crimping iron from my sister (the very same one we’ve used to crinkle our hair for special occasions since 1985). My plan all came together when I remembered that graffiti wall I'd shot a senior session at a few years before.

This photo session is a celebration of this wonderful little person in my life. She started kindergarten this week and I feel like life is moving really fast. Sometimes I wish I could write down every funny thing she says, photograph every goofy smile and memorize the way she makes me feel. The best I can do is live in the moment and take photos that help me remember her this way. 

I’m bursting with ideas for more themed or styled photo sessions for kids, couples and teens, so drop me a line and we can capture the essence of your little loves. 


Vintage lovin’ at a closed-for-the-season amusement park (Portland, Oregon couple photographer)  

You know how kids latch on to something they love and get a little obsessed? Well, for me it wasn't My Little Pony or The Muppets or even Cabbage Patch dolls, it was the 1950s. (Ok, it was that other stuff a little bit too.) I don't know how it started, but for several years of my life, I liked to dress up in a poodle skirt and saddle shoes, decorate my room with cardboard records and a jukebox and dance around to Leslie Gore and The Supremes. My sweet parents took me to every '50s-style diner in the Portland metro area.

So you can imagine my excitement when Tony and Alena told me they wanted to do a 1950s-inspired couple portrait session. My inner child was beaming.

We shot the photos at the historic Oaks Amusement Park in Southeast Portland, which was closed for the winter, and was a perfect backdrop for the day.

I brought the era-appropriate pink dishes I bought at a garage years ago, a few old 45s and my vintage suitcases.

Alena and Tony brought their style and charisma. I had so much fun with them. They are both are so funny and full of rapid-fire pop culture references and witty observations. Every time I have a conversation with them, I walk away feeling like I'm funny and witty too.

Tony and Alena, thank you for being awesome friends and for spending a nostalgic Sunday morning with me.